A Touch of Comfort

Helping Cancer Patients Feel at Home

A Touch of Comfort was founded by James Pite, who had been battling cancer since 1993, having had months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments as well as two bone marrow transplants. Over 6 years he had hundreds of outpatient hospital visits and has spent months in the hospital - much of the time in isolation. He decided someone should do something to try to make cancer patients feel more at home while they are in the hospital - by providing everything from softer toilet paper to prepaid phone cards to mini stereo systems.

A Touch of Comfort is a non-profit charitable corporation formed to improve the quality of life and peace of mind for cancer patients and their loved ones. Its purpose is to provide cancer patients with resources, amenities and/or services they might otherwise go without and to educate the public about the need for such assistance.

Fall 2016 Update

During our 17th year our programs at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, in Boston, and at the Smilow Cancer Center at Yale-New Haven Hospital in CT are ongoing with great success.

We continue to hear encouraging feedback from staff and patients at these hospitals. Our gifts of parking vouchers, cafeteria vouchers, Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Best Buy gift cards as well as Exxon/Mobile gas cards are all well-received. Gift bags containing personal items are also appreciated, we are told. In addition to the above gifts, we have given special donations from time to time. Some of these are: fleece blankets for comfort, laptops to keep in touch with family and business colleagues, individual DVD players and CD players for entertainment, and libraries of CDs and DVDs.

Due to an increase in the flow of funds from our amazing donors, this year, we were able to make a special gift to the Art Therapy Program at the Pediatric Oncology Clinic at Smilow Cancer Center at the Yale-New Haven Hospital in CT. 

We are able to continue like this due to the many faithful contributors who have supported us over the years. Some of these wonderful people are: Steven & Lisa Pite Family Foundation, Lindlea Ludwick Family Foundation, the Bouvier family, the Rochefort family, the L Newman Foundation, the Kehrberger family, attorney Jason Friedman, Robert Ford, and William Pite.

We are gratified that our mission – “helping cancer patients feel at home” – while in isolation in their hospital rooms for weeks at a time- has been ongoing successfully for over a dozen years.

Ellen Good,Child Life Manager accepting the donation from President Sheila Pite and Vice President Carol Doheny

Shiela Pite, Ellen Good, Carol Doheny

Fall 2015 "A Touch of Comfort" Benefit

December 18th, 2015 in NYC

Due to the support and efforts of our good friends Paul Newman and Rick Savitt, on November 19th 2015, we held a fundraiser in NYC. From 6:30 to 10:00pm at Casa la Femme, friends, Volunteers and Donors alike mingled, danced to music by  by DJ Claudius Raphael, drank cocktails, and caught up. We also raised a good deal of money for ATOC! Pictures coming soon

Personnel Updates

New Webmaster,  Jamie Doheny

We would like to introduce our new webmaster, Jamie Doheny.

Jamie is the nephew of Jim Pite, and has always been technologically inclined. He's stepping in to make sure our communications and internet presence are up to date and accurate, so that we can be sure to let you know what's going on.

New Boston associate, Carolyn Polizzano

We would like to introduce our new Boston associate, Carolyn Polizzano.

Carolyn is helping us with delivery of gifts to stem-cell transplant patients at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She has taken over for her sister Marie, who has moved to another state. Carolyn is volunteering her time and efforts, and we feel very lucky to have her on our team.


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